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Sailmaker is the place to buy Shade Sails, Replacement Shade Sails, Commercial and Residential Shade Sail Installations, Brisbane and surrounding regions. Northside, Southside, Westside and Bayside.

Over 22 years experience in the Shade Sail Industry guarantees you that will get the best possible workmanship.

CAD Design, the latest Fabrics, High Tech Computerized Sewing Machines and 400 square metre Sewing Floor.

No job is too big for our resourceful and experienced Machinists.

We have the latest spec Wedge Welding Equipment for Vinyl and Waterproof Shade Sail Fabrics.

We Specialise in Replacement Shade Sails, Commercial and Domestic Installations and DIY Shade Sails to the home handyman.

Our Salisbury Factory and Showroom  is open 7am – 3pm, Monday – Friday.

The Showroom is unattended but you can leave your name and details if you would like an onsite Quote.



Installing Waterproof Shade Sail

Sailmaker Installers on Scissors Lift installing Waterproof Shade Sail

No matter what construction style your Home or Business Premises may be, you can find a fixing point to secure a Shade Sail or Shade Sails, Eg – for brick walls, custom made steel plates are used.  If you have a tiled or metal roof, you can fix to your roof joists and trusses using readily available Shade Sail Brackets.
If you would like to book an onsite Quote, please fill out the Quote Request Form on this page or go to the Shade Sail Quote Request page.


Triangular Pool Shade Sails

Triangular Swimming Pool Shade Sails

When it comes time to replace your old Shade Sail, there are two ways to go.

  1. Fill out the Shade Sail Quote Request Form on this website and we will Quote to attend onsite, measure up, manufacture and install a new Shade Sail to your existing fixing points.
  2. To save on the cost of measuring and installation, go to and follow the instructions to measure and place an order for your new Shade Sail online. (See below)


Sailmaker Shade Sails Factory

Sailmaker Shade Sail Designs Brisbane Factory

Our Shade Sails are fully tensioned using turnbuckles and are carefully measured to exactly span each fixing point, creating a very professional appearance. We attach our Sail Shades with stainless steel rigging and use heavy duty lock stitch with marine grade thread. During the Shade Sail Manufacturing process, we employ a sophisticated CAD Programme to guarantee the exact accuracy of our Shade Sails. Over 21 years experience at our Brisbane Factory gives us the edge over our competitors.

To order DIY Shade Sails Factory Direct, go to

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Instant DIY Shade Sail Price Calculator

  • Click on the number of fixing points on your Shade Sail, 3, 4, 5 or 6
  • Quoted price is Poly FX Commercial Shade cloth
  • Enter the Total Perimeter Measurement of your Shade Sail in Metres including decimals, eg. 25.45. (Max 45 metres) Measure from fixing point to fixing point. DO NOT MAKE ANY ALLOWANCE FOR TURNBUCKLES OR SHACKLES. We need the genuine measurements from fixing point to fixing point. 316 Stainless Steel Turnbuckles and D Shackles are included in the Price.

Prices do not Include GST

3 Point Fabric Shade Sail
4 Point Fabric Shade Sail
5 Point Fabric Shade Sail
6 Point Fabric Shade Sail

For Waterproof Shade Sails, and more information, go to
Australia wide Delivery, capped at $30 per Sail to most mainland metropolitan destinations (excludes Waterproof Sails).