Although rainwater helps to clean your outdoor shade sails, your sails will still need regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure they stay looking great.

When you first purchase your shade sail have it professionally installed for the best results.This will ensure that the correct tension is maintained in the sail, which will help with wear and tear and make it more resilient to the wind.

There should be some fall to your sail, whether it is a carport shade sail, a sail for your alfresco area or a pool shade sail. If your shade sail is completely flat, rainwater may pool in the middle of the sail and cause mildew and discolouring to occur, as well as the tension being affected.

Clean your shade sails regularly with dishwashing liquid and a low pressurised hose at least once every three years to keep it looking fresh and new.

To clean your shade sail:

  • Use a hose connected spray bottle with a mild detergent.
  • Using this hose connected bottle, spray the top of the Shade Sail, leave to soak for one hour.
  • Rinse off your sail with the hose.

Do not:

  • Blast the shade sail with water at high pressure as you will damage the thread and your sail will need a restitch.
  • Put your sails in the washing machine or the clothes dryer. This can cause the shade sails to disintegrate and wear out quickly.
  • Use harsh chemicals on your shade sails.

We can pressure wash and restitch your sail at our purpose built wash bay. We charge $120 for the pressure wash, $15 per sewn metre to restitch the sail, and $20 per fixing point to remake each corner. We can not only pressure wash the sail. We have to restitch the entire sail after the damage caused to the thread by pressure washing. The end result of this process is you will end up with a brand new sail. The HDPE fabric will last for up to 50 years, but the thread will wear out.

Thread rot, UV damage inevitably means that after 8 or 9 years your sail really does need a wash and restitch.

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Cleaning your shade sail properly in the meantime will keep it looking satisfactory. Be careful to use quality cleaning products, and avoid harsh chemicals. For more information on repair, maintenance or supply of quality shade sails Brisbane Bayside area contact us at Sailmaker.


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