Shade sails over pools will protect your pool surrounds, as well as providing you with protection from the Queensland sun and from UV exposure. As professional sailmakers we have found that there are many benefits to having pool shade sails around the Brisbane region. Here are the five main benefits:

  1. They are Modern and Aesthetic

Pool shade sails are modern, popular and look fantastic. They are classy and elegant. Choose from a range of colours to suit your taste and to match in with your alfresco and entertainment area.

  1. They are Sunsmart

A quality shade sail will enable you and your family to have hours of fun in the pool and remain protected from UV damage. Our shade sails provide high level UV protection from the sun, and protection from sunburn. There is no need to apply sun block constantly (as you do at the beach) when you have a quality shade sail over your pool.

  1. Keeps You Cool in the Heat

During Brisbane summers, a shade sail over your pool is essential to protect you from the heat of the sun, particularly during the middle of the day. You can really enjoy your dip in the pool without having to cut short your pool time due to it being too hot.

  1. Protects Your Pool

A shade sail will protect your pool from garden debris, making it easier to clean and saving you time. Quality shade sail designs are durable and can withstand some inclement weather. Many of our shade sails are made of high quality waterproof fabrics which are perfect for the pool area.

  1. Custom Designs

Sailmaker provides custom designs, allowing you to choose the style of your shade sail. It is up to you how much of the pool you cover. You may want to cover the entire pool or just the shallow end and entry. The entry level coverage allows you to tie in the pool shade sail with the rest of your entertaining area nicely. It can cover pool daybeds and lounges as well, allowing you to relax by the pool out of the hot sun.

A quality shade sail will never go out of style. It creates allure and adds glamour to your pool area, while at the same time protecting you and your family from the heat and from Ultra Violet rays. With a Sailmaker pool sail shade Brisbane residents can enjoy the fun of their pool for longer! Contact us for more information!

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