Polyfx® shade sails not only look great and enhance any outdoor area, they are practical, have high UV resistancy, and are strong and durable.

Here are five reasons to choose our Polyfx® shade sails when looking for outdoor sail shades, DIY shade sails, car shades and driveway shade sails Brisbane region:

  1. Polyfx® Shade Sails Have a Modern Look and Feel

The fabrics look amazing and come in a range of 19 standout colours and a variety of designs. There are many choices to ultimately suit and complement your outdoor area.

  1. They are Durable

Polyfx® shade sails are made from durable fabric which is long lasting and hard wearing. The shade sails are made of quality fire retardant fabric.

Polyfx® shade sails meet and exceed Australian Standard AS4174.1994.

  1. You have Maximum Protection from the Weather

Polyfx quality fabrics provide protection from the sun and strong ultra violet rays of our Australian climate. The best stabilisers from BASF are used in the shade sails for optimum results.

There is also protection against the wind, rain and hail with these superior shade sails.

  1. Huge 10 Year UV Warranty

The Polyfx® shade sail will not suffer from abnormal deterioration from ultra violet rays for 10 years from the date of installation. This means that it will not deteriorate 7.5% in original strength for each year of the 10 year warranty.

  1. Easy to Install

Use a firm tension when installing these shade sails. They are very easy to install. We also provide a professional installation service for all outdoor and driveway sails Brisbane areas.

Polyfab have created quality Australian made fabrics since 1995. They are renowned for their superior quality and durable shade sail fabrics and designs.Whether you are looking for DIY shade sails or custom made sails we will have a quality Polyfx® product to suit you at Sailmaker.

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