Having outdoor shade sails is not only sunsmart it is an investment choice. To protect your investment in your home, shade sails need a little care to ensure they are functioning at their best and that they stay looking great.

The shade sail needs to be firmly and tightly installed to reduce wind damage. Regularly check the shade sail to ensure that it remains tight.

Taking your shade sails down when not in use in the winter months, or when you are away on vacation, will extend their life. Also, if any storms or rough weather are approaching take them down! If the shade sail is removed and stored over the winter months, it is advisable to store it in a protective bag away from pests such as rats and mice.

For best results when you purchase your outdoor shade sail it is recommended that you have it professionally installed.

Clean your shade sails regularly with dishwashing liquid and a low pressurised hose. Never use harsh chemicals on your shade sails.

If your sail is showing signs of wear and tear due to grime, dust and weather we can restitch or repair the shade sail for you. A full wash and restitch will have it looking like new again. Our products are designed to last. Our HDPE share sail fabric has a full life expectancy of 50 years!

Clean your shade sail at home or have it cleaned professionally at our washout bay. Our ecologically friendly shade sail wash emits grease and dirt into an industrial grease trap where it is professionally disposed of. Old shade sails are recycled and reused.

Properly caring for your outdoor shade sails will ensure that they last for many years to come. They are built to be durable and reliable and our fabrics are of the highest grade. Choosing shade sails made from quality fabrics, having them professionally installed and maintained and taking them down in the cooler months and in inclement weather will keep your shade sails looking fantastic,and improve the appearance of your outdoor area.

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