For maximum shade Brisbane outdoor areas benefit from shade sails. They look great, provide protection from the heat and safeguard us from dangerous UV rays. Shade sails need regular maintenance to look their best and retain their UVR block percentage. Most important to keep the tension in the shade sail by adjusting the turnbuckles when necessary.

Damage can occur to your sail through harsh weather conditions, improper use, wear and tear and lack of maintenance. If your shade sail is damaged or old, it may not need to be completely replaced.

HDPE shade sail fabric is very hard wearing and has a natural life expectancy of fifty years. We have found that a full restitch of the shade sail combined with a professional clean will see your shade sail nearly fully restored.

For around half the price of a new shade sail we can return your sail to you as good as new. We first use environmentally friendly sail shade Brisbane washout bays to professionally wash and restitch your sails. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT CLEAN ONLY. OUR PROCESS MEANS THAT THE SAIL MUST BE RESTITCHED AFTER WASHING. Your sail will be back to as good as new.

After cleaning thoroughly we restitch, patch and repair shades sails as necessary. Shade sail threads are more susceptible to UV damage than the fabric of the sails. Our standard thread will resist UV damage for up to 9 years. We also have an elite marine thread available which has a warranty period of 15 years.

If the shade sail has been damaged in a storm, is coming apart at the seams or is sagging, it is suitable for a wash and restitch. As a part of your maintenance check if the stitching has come undone on the sail, or if the posts are wobbling. We recommend repairing your shade sails at the first sign of damage. Any small damage to the sail can easily become much worse in the case of hail storms and tropical storms.

After a wash and restitch, your shade sail will be back to as good as new at half the price of buying a new sail. Contact us for wash and restitch to outdoor shade sails, including carport shade sails Brisbane areas contact us.

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