Almost no Shade Sail too Old or too Damaged

Shade Sail Clean, Repair & Full Restitch

Brisbane Shade Sails

Restore your old Shade Sail and save $$$

After a few short years of service, your Shade Sail will be showing signs of wear and tear. Certainly mildew, road grime and dust will be contaminating your Sail. UV damage to the Shade Sail thread is inevitable and after 5 or 6 years, it may be that your Shade Sail is due for a Full Restitch.

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Sailmaker Shade Sail Repair

Shade Sails Cleaned, Repaired and Restitched

Don't Discard old Shade Sails because of damage or old age

HDPE Shade Sail Fabric is extremely robust with a life expectancy of 50 years. In our experience, a wash and full restitch combined with the original robustness of the Shade fabric, will see your Shade Sail restored to almost as new functionality. We will return it to you in as new condition for around half the price of a new Sail Shade.

To successfully clean a Shade Sail it has to be removed from its fixing points, hung vertically, and methodically pressure washed on both sides. The thread, having lost its strength, usually flushes out of the Sail at this point.
CLEAN AND GREENShade Sail Grease Trap Emptying
Our Custom Shade Sail Washout Bay drains into an Industrial Grease Trap. All the dirt and residual contents which accumulate from the Sail Wash are then professionally disposed of by our Waste Contractor rather than flowing into the system. Rather than send an old Shade Sail to become part of landfill, our service recycles and reuses your Shade Sails, protecting the environment and creating a net positive rather than the double negative caused by throwing out old Shade Sails and buying new ones.
Our Shade Sail Machinists then renew the Shade Sail with a full Restitch and Patches and Repairs if necessary. The latest generation of thread is forecast to resist UV damage for up to 8 or 9 years. We also have available, at an extra cost, the next generation of elite Marine Thread, which has a Manufacturer’s Warranty of 15 years.


For the Shade Sails that are too Old and Damaged

Sometimes the damage is just too much to repair.

Damaged Carpark Shade Sails

Damaged Car Yard If this has happened to your Shade Sails, then we can manufacture a brand new Shade Sail – FAST TURNAROUND.
Installed to your existing posts and brackets, you won’t be without your Outdoor Shade for too long.