Shade Sail Fabric is HDPE (high density polyethylene). This is especially manufactured with tensioned fabric Shade Sail Structures in mind.

The knit is made using monofilament and tape filler. The Shade Sail fabric is treated with UV stabilisers to give it long life in direct sunlight. We only use fabric with a shade rating of 90% and above. Depending on colour, the rating may be as high as 99%.

Does the colour make a difference?

Light Coloured Shade Sails reflect the heat and are cooler underneath, making them a good choice for areas where heat penetration is important, such as decks and entertainment areas. Dark coloured Shade Sails will show the dirt less and can be more fashionable.

Shade Sail Fabric Range
Sun Sail Heat Reflection

This Colour (Sungold) has proved to be the most heat reflective

Sun Sails Outdoor Cafe

The Sungold Colour reflects the heat, keeping this Alfresco Cafe seating area cool and comfortable

Shade Sail Stainless Steel Cable and Fittings

6 Steel Gussets may be overkill

Steel Shade Sail Post - Cable

Heavily footed and braced Steel Post supporting 4 Shade Sails


Sailmaker Shade Sails are manufactured with stainless steel cable double lock stitched into the perimeter.

This is the only acceptable way to make a Shade Sail, guaranteeing that the fabric is fully tensioned. This cable is swaged to a stainless steel D ring located at each corner. The D rings are then attached to the posts or fixing points using 316 stainless steel turnbuckles and D shackles.

Every corner is reinforced with a gusset and seatbelt webbing strap attached to the stainless steel D ring. This ensures maximum stability once your Sail is installed.

The key to the success of our Shade Sails is the careful balancing of the stainless steel cable, which then allows the fabric to be fully tensioned.

Custom Made Shade Sails vs Hardware Store Sails

The only way to install a Shade Sail is – CUSTOM MADE at every step of the process.

It is worth noting that the commonly available Hardware Sails are only available with a cloth edge and the fixing points must conform to the Sail Shade, which is “cart before horse”.

Rather, the only professional way to ensure a successful result is to carefully select and install fixing points to a built structure, install Shade Sail Steel Posts into the ground, and then custom manufacture the Shade Sail precisely to suit these coordinates. The Hardware Store Sail’s cloth edge and cheap fabric inevitably results in a useless purchase.

There are numerous ways to install Sun Sails. For tuition and instruction in order to achieve a successful DIY Shade Sail result, please go to DIY Shade Sails. There is a DIY Shade Sail price calculator and an online order form.

We post Australia wide, or if you are in Brisbane, you can pick up over the counter. 


Shade Sail Roof Brackets

Precision measurements are taken for a cutout to fit Shade Sail over Chimney

Multi Coloured Sun Sails

The complex design of this Shade Sail Installation can only be successfully achieved with accurate measuring and strong fixings.