With time, and further to the cleaning process, the stitching on your outdoor shade sails can become worn and need redoing. The sun will wear the stitching of the shade sail over time. Restitching your shade sail eliminates the need to completely throw out your sails. After a restitch and professional clean they will look new again.

What Causes Damage to Your Shade Sails Brisbane Regions?

Your outdoor shade sails can become damaged by:

  • Age
  • Storm damage
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Incorrect tensioning
  • Road grime, mildew and dust contamination
  • After around 5-6 years UV damage can occur to the thread of your shade sail

Your outdoor shade sail may not need to be completely replaced. The HDPE shade sail fabric is very hardwearing and has a natural life expectancy of fifty years.

How Does RestitchingMy Outdoor Shade Sails Work?

We restitch, patch and repair shades sails as necessary. Our standard thread will resist UV damage for up to 9 years. We also have an elite marine thread available which has a warranty period of 15 years.

We have found that a full restitch of the shade sail combined with a professional clean will see your shade sail nearly fully restored.

For around half the price of a new shade sail we can return your sail to you as good as new. We use environmentally friendly shade sail washout bays to professionally clean your outdoor shade sails.

Retensioning the shade sail when you reinstall it is essential to help with maintenance.

Drop off your shade sail to our factory at Salisbury and we will have it looking new again in no time at all. Repairing your shade sails rather than replacing them will save you around 50% of the replacement fee. For supply and repair of shade sails Brisbane contact us for a quote today.