Kids know the slip slop slap rule. But when they are busy playing are they really concerned with it? Having fun can seem much more important that stopping to put on some extra sunscreen. Even if the sunscreen is put on in the morning before school, it will usually lose its effect by lunch time.

Australia has the highest occurrence of skin cancer worldwide. Children in Queensland, as well as other areas of Australia, need to be protected from the sun with quality Brisbane shade sails, particularly in the summer months.

Outdoor shade sails in school grounds allow kids to happily keep playing without any concern of sunburn and over exposure to harmful UV rays. Our quality shade sails will assist with this by utilising the high UV protection factor of the shade sail fabric and its high shade factors. Our shadesails are weather resistant, hardy, durable and long lasting and come in bright eye-catching fun colours to compliment your school grounds and buildings.

At Sailmaker we embrace the Sunsmart philosophy. Consider using shade sails at your school to cover:

  • Playground areas
  • Basketball courts
  • Outdoor seating areas
  • Physical education areas
  • Swimming pools
  • Lining up areas
  • Outdoor eating areas
  • Assembly areas
  • Canteens
  • Bus stop areas

Installation of outdoor shade sails allows the children to be safe from the sun’s harmful rays at all times, and also allows them to play for longer outdoors.Parents and staff are safe in the knowledge that the children are being Sunsmart while at school.

Shade sails shouldideally be professionally installed to ensure that they are safe and adhere to the relevant Council and safety regulations.


As well as providing and installing quality new Brisbane shade sails, we also repair, replace and maintain existing shade sails. For an assessment of your school, or if you require further information,contact us today.

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