To maximise their shade Brisbane residents often choose outdoor shade sails. They are a great option for shade in Australia, keeping out the heat and minimizing UV rays. They also look fantastic and will modernise and enhance any outdoor setting. Once you have chosen the fabric, there is just the matter of the colour to decide on. Here are the top five factors to consider when choosing your outdoor sail shade colour.

  1. How Many ColoursWould You Like on Your Outdoor Shade Sail?

Do you want just one sail with one colour. or would you prefer to mix and match multiple sails and colours? Using two or more different colours on your outdoor shade sails will add depth to the design and create a popular modern look.

  1. The Sail Location

Consider what the sail is being used for. Is it a carport shade sail? If so matching it to the colour of your roof can look great.For your entertaining area blend and match the colourwith your house or patio colours. A school, childcare centre or playground may be suited tobright shadesails, while the outdoor dining area of a restaurant can look effective with a shade sail in neutral colours.

  1. Light and Dark Colour Considerations

Are you considering a light or a dark colour? Light colours will give you slightly less UV protection than dark colouredoutdoor sail shades, but will let in more light. They will also show up the dirt more.

Dark colours give a better UV protection and let in less light. They are known for hiding the dirt well.

  1. Fashion

At Sailmaker we have a range of colours to choose from. Bear in mind that if you choose a fad colour you may need to redecorate in the next few years, whereas a neutral colour will not go out of style.

  1. Aesthetics

The design and colour of the outdoor shade sail must look stunning as well as being functional! We have a range of amazing colours to choose from and can custom make an outdoor shade sail to suit your unique area.

To provide maximum shade Brisbane residences and commercial outdoor areas need to select an outdoor shade sail that is high in quality and UVR Block percentage. Choosing a darker colour will give you more UV protection. Ultimately you must be happy with the colour and style! We have a wide range of quality shade sails to choose from. Contact us today.

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