When selecting your shade sails for the Brisbane climate, why not choose waterproof sails? They protect your furnishings and belongings from the weather, and are durable and flexible. Here are the top ten reasons to choose waterproof shade sails Brisbane regions:

  1. They Are Ideal for Pool Shade Sails

Waterproof shade sails will stop much of the rainwater from going into your pool. Mildew will also not form when the sail is splashed with pool water. They are more resistant to pool chemicals such as chlorine.

  1. They Completely Diffuse Water When It Rains

Rain runs off the shade sail rather than going through it.

  1. Prevent Mildew Forming

Waterproof fabric ensures that mildew does not easily form on your shade sails.

  1. Protects Your Patio

Your patio and furnishings will not be affected by rain water. Your outdoor furnishings will stay dry and be protected.

  1. Protects Your Lawn When it Rains

Your lawn will not become flooded when it is covered by waterproof shade sails.

  1. They are Durable

Waterproof shade sails are made from heavy durable materials, much like traditional tents. They are strong and flexible. Our waterproof shade sails have triple reinforced corners and so can be tensioned drum tight, allowing them to be even more sturdy and resilient to weather.

  1. Ideal in Wet Weather and Climates

Waterproof shade sailsBrisbane region are ideal. They are also perfect in any region that is prone to storms and heavy unexpected rain.

  1. Car Protection

A waterproof car shade will protect your car from water and hail damage.

  1. Sun Protection

As waterproof shade sails are made of such a sturdy fabric, they are very good at blocking out the sun as well as the rain.

  1. Great for Residential and Commercial Properties

The robustness of waterproof shade sails makes them ideal for commercial properties such as restaurants, cafes and sporting facilities as well as for the home.


Always angle your waterproof shade sails at leave 20 degrees for every 3 metres of shade sail. This will prevent water buildup in the middle which will cause the sail to sag and alter the tension of the outdoor shade sail. Take run off water into account when setting up your shade sail.


Waterproof shade sails are ideal in the Australian climate, particularly in those areas such as Queensland that are prone to tropical storms and heavy rains. For more information contact us.

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