When doing your own shade sail installation, there are some pointers to follow to get the best results, and to make your DIY shade sails last. Here are the top ten tips for DIY shade sails installation:

  1. Check Council Regulations

Check with your local council to see if there are any building regulations which you need to adhere to before planning your DIY shade sails installation.

  1. Determine the Correct Fixing Points

These points could already be in place – they could be a part of a pergola, a fence post or a fascia. Trees are not recommended as permanent fixing points.

  1. Purchase Your Accessories

These will depend on the type of DIY outdoor shade sail you are trying to build. You may need a rope or chain to extend your sail to a fixing point.

  1. Attach You DIY Shade Sail to Its Support

Attach your shade sail to thefascia or post. If using a facsia, a facsia support is available from your hardware store and is strongly recommended.

  1. Attach to Additional Supports

Attached the sails to any additional supporting beams such as posts.

  1. Measure Out Your Footings before Staring your DIY Shade Sails Installation

Mark and measure out your footing areas for your posts.

  1. Create Your Footings

Dig holes 40cm and 80 cm in depth as your footings.

With firm ground you will not need to concrete. A 10cm depth of 2cm diameter gravel should be laid at the base of each post.

For soft ground concreting is required. Mix the concrete and per the instructions on the pack and pour it into the holes. Insert the poles into the holes. Allow the concrete to set for at least 48 hours. The concrete surface will need to slope away from the posts to aid in water drainage.

  1. Install Your Shade Sail

Connect your accessories to your mounting points. All of the connections need to face towards the middle of the sail. Lay out your outdoor shade sail first and then commence installation of the sail.

  1. Maintain Correct Tension

Tension on your sail needs to be tight and have few if any creases. Be careful not to overly tighten the DIY shade sail. You will need to regularly maintain your outdoor shade sail to ensure that it stays at the correct tension.

  1. Maintain and Clean Your Outdoor Shade Sails Regularly

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your outdoor shade sails will ensure that your DIY shade sails remain in good working order and that wear and tear is minimised.

Following the above ten steps will allow you to install your shade sails with a minimum of fuss. Always ensure that the tension is correct. At Sailmaker we not only supply quality sails we provide shade sail installations Brisbane regions. Contact us today for all your shade sail needs!

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