Whether you are selecting residential or commercial shade sails Brisbane area, or any other area of Australia, they not only need to look great, they need to have adequate UVR Block and shade percentage to protect you from the sun! When choosing your shade fabric, there are some things that you should know.

Quality shade sail fabrics have been specially designed to block out the harmful ultra violet radiation (UV rays) of the sun. UVR radiation is divided into two types of radiation, and is measured in nm (nanometres). The two types are:

  1. UV-A radiation (315 nm to 400 nm); and
  2. UV-B radiation (280 nm to 315 nm)

The percentage of UVR block refers to the performance of shade fabric which reflects or absorbs ultra violet radiation within a 290 nm to 400 nm range.

UVB radiation is very harmful and can cause sunburn. Prolonged exposure to ultra violet rays has been linked to skin cancers. As Australia has the most common occurrences of skin cancer in the world,we need to protect ourselves and our families from the harsh Australian climate by being sunsmart.

When selecting either residential or commercial shade sails Brisbane area, a high UVR block and shade percentage will ensure that your shade sails last longer and keep out the sun’s harmful rays. A high percentage of UVR block and shade percentage will also reduce glare and heat, and provide comfort and protection from the weather, leaving you to enjoy the outdoors safely.

Australian standards AS 4174-1994 regulates that shade cloth must have the percentage of UVR measured. Ensure that the shade fabric that you select for your shade sails meets or exceeds this standard when selecting your sails, whether they be fully customised, or DIY shade sails.

Our quality shade sails are robust, and have a commercial quality with a high UVB block of 97-99%. Our SPF protection fabric is 50+. You can relax in the outdoors with the peace of mind that you have Sunsmart protection in place.

For quality shade sails installation, DIY shade sails, and product advice contact us today! We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and will have the ideal solution for your needs. We specialise in superior residential, industrial and commercial shade sails Brisbane regions.

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